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#SM5 - Taekwondo

#SM5 - Taekwondo

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Available from S to 3XL -100% cotton in conversion to organic -Top quality product - Lightweight t-shirt (140 - 155 g/m2) - Unisex - Tubular Construction

New in our catalog, this 100% cotton t-shirt in organic conversion is our entry level model, it offers great value for money. What is this new name and why is this cotton cheaper? It's simple: this one is cultivated in the same way as in organic farming but it is simply not yet certified "organic", since it will take between 3 and 5 years for it to become so (yes, it takes time for the soils to be fully cleaned up...). In the meantime, farmers can still sell it labeled "organic cotton in conversion": it's a real boost for the farmer but also for the planet. Tubular cut and unisex, this t-shirt is rather light: perfect for your Spring/Summer collections.

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