Why I paint

I primarily paint because it brings me immense satisfaction.
Each new work is a peregrination where I can test my creativity, explore techniques, and live through true emotions. Painting allows me to break loose from the world, focus on my inner self & vision of life, and try to present those who view my work with a sincere experience of beauty. I aim to connect with people, through a positive & intimate immediacy, hopefully leading them to see their own world from a different perspective.
Painting is a form of meditation, a moment of calm & introspection to understand myself better. Planning the act of creation, diving into it, and being present "in the now", helps me clarify my thoughts, explore my emotions, and find inner peace. It is a deeply personal & introspective process that enriches my life.
Of course, each new creation is a confrontation. I seek to improve my skills, refine my style, and push the limits of what I can accomplish. But this pursuit of a daily craftsmanship is a powerful motivation. I am humble in the face of what can be achieved; it is precisely this questioning that makes each step forward even more rewarding.
Painting is, of course, a profession, but it is much more than a simple activity for me. It is the choice of a daily practice, a creative exploration, an introspective meditation, an emotional path to beauty, and a powerful way to initiate meaningful conversations.
These constant challenges drive me to continue with fervor and enthusiasm each day.