Solomon Asch was a pioneering social psychologist whose work in the mid-20th century focused on conformity and group pressure. His historical context comes from the famous Asch conformity experiments conducted in the 1950s, which demonstrated the power of conformity in groups. These experiments showed that individuals often conform to group opinion, even when that opinion is clearly incorrect, revealing the strong influence of social pressure on beliefs and decisions.

The quote "We underestimate the frequency with which we conform" reflects the findings of Asch’s studies, highlighting a human tendency to align with group consensus even when it conflicts with our own senses or reasoning. It points out that individuals often believe they are less influenced by the views of others than they actually are, and that the pressure to conform is a frequent, powerful, and sometimes subconscious force shaping our judgments and actions.

From today's perspective, Asch's observation remains profoundly relevant in the context of social media and the internet. The ubiquity of online platforms has created new arenas for social influence and conformity, where 'likes', shares, and trends can heavily dictate opinions and behaviors. The digital age has amplified the reach and impact of social conformity, making Asch’s insights into the nature of social influence more pertinent than ever.

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