In 2016, a landmark event unfolded in the intellectual game of Go. AlphaGo, an AI designed by Google DeepMind, challenged Lee Sedol, one of the game's most esteemed players. In their second match, AlphaGo executed move #37, defying centuries of traditional gameplay & human strategic principles. This move signaled a new era in artificial intelligence, showcasing an unprecedented level of autonomy in AI decision-making.

"Move #37 will be back," attributed to Anton Kaestner, captures the moment's essence as a harbinger of AI's potential to independently devise strategies that may elude human intuition. Echoing the relentless and predictive nature of the catchphrase "I'll be back" from "The Terminator", the quote suggests that AI's ability to innovate in complex fields will persist, evolve, and resurface, challenging humans to reconsider the boundaries of machine intelligence.

From today's vantage point, Kaestner's words serve as an alert to the transformative power of AI. Move #37 is emblematic of AI's journey towards self-sufficient problem-solving.

With the intertextual nod to "The Terminator," the quote is a prescient reflection on AI's future trajectory—one that could unfold without or beyond human oversight, underscoring the need for vigilance as AI systems grow increasingly sophisticated.

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