In the recent past, the world witnessed various instances where ignorance was indeed treated as an opinion. From the denial of climate change to the debates over evolution of stock prices & finance, the period saw a collision between established scientific facts and personal beliefs. The rise of the internet and social media began to blur the line between informed opinion and mere conjecture.

The quote "Ignorance is not an opinion" suggests that uninformed views should not hold the same weight as views supported by facts and knowledge. The statement implies that while everyone is entitled to their opinion, this doesn't equate to all opinions being equal, especially when they disregard empirical evidence or expert consensus.

In today's context, this quote resonates with the challenges of misinformation and the "post-truth" era, where facts are often contested by baseless claims. The quote serves as a reminder of the importance of critical thinking and evidence-based decision-making in a time when the distinction between truth and falsehood is increasingly obscured.

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